The Agents' Grave - Faira

I'm no Luddite.

I receive the gifts and challenges of change with grace.

So much so that I am a Zillow Premiere Agent AND a Redfin Partner Agent.

But, I guess now it's time to get my hands dirty with Purple Bricks and Upnest and Reali and ... Faira ... and ...(?)

Faira looks to me like the least expensive, most tech friendly way to sell/buy a house. Using an average app, a lethargic messaging system and mysterious access to the RMLS - Faira has reduced the price of buying/selling real estate to 1% in California and Washington..... F*%#.

Where do they get their contracts? Who do the sellers/buyers go to with questions about the roof, the best improvements, the legalese, the clarification of their motivation for buying or selling??

There is a key difference between something becoming less expensive because it's more efficient and something becoming less expensive because everyone working with it is being undercut - and THIS difference will separate some real estate tech companies from others (along with marketing budgets and UX ofcourse).

If you can't beat them, join them. And if you join them, learn their language and truly share their mission.

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