Open House 101 - Home Buyer Perspective

What are open houses really all about?

Let's say you just started thinking about buying a house. After a few hours of googling, you conclude that you could go to a few open houses to see what your local market has to offer. At this open house you'll most likely encounter an agent.

Keep in mind that this agent is holding an open house for a few reasons:

1. To find someone who would like to buy the house you're looking at

2. To find someone who's looking for help with buying a house in general

3. To meet neighbors that might be interested in selling their houses as well

Many agents have used open houses to build a business from scratch. Although it may come off as 'salesy' or too direct, an agent has no choice but to be forward in asking a stranger about their intent in being at the open house. If I went to an apple store just to look at the new shiny objects, I would only expect to be approached by an employee there. Sometimes at Macy's I almost wish I was approached by an employee so I could ask where I can find the section for fancy mens' socks but that's for another blog…

Anyways… my point is - be honest.

Let them know if you're genuinely interested and if it feels right, hand out your email. But only give your contact info to someone if you're going to answer when they contact you. Even if you have to ask them - “Wait, are you gonna be calling me every week or month asking me if I'm ready to buy a house?”or “So what are you gonna do with my email?”

And if none of this feels right, unlike Nike but a just like D.A.R.E – Just say no. Be like, “Dude, I'm not ready, I just like new shiny things.” or “You're awesome, but I'm already working with this agent. Let me get your card in case my agent starts to really suck though...” Whatever it takes for it to feel right again, you know?

This might be laid back compared to real estate scenes outside of Portland, Or. But that's one of many reasons why I appreciate Portland!

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