The Walking Buyer

5 minutes away from town, a creek running through it with Salmon and steelhead, almost a full acre with a humble, well-kept cottage and a workshop… exactly what he asked for.

Too bad we came in too late on this one, just like the other two offers we put in. Another buyer was already in first position and the listing was pending- but that never stopped me!

After a convo with the listing agent, I inquired if the buyers in first position had accounted for the difference in appraisal that could pop-up later and mentioned that we’d be acknowledging that right off the bat and we were willing to cover up to 20k in that difference.

What I didn’t know was that she buyers in first position had already found out that the entire septic system needs replacement and they had a quote of about 20k… exactly as much as we were willing to cover in appraisal.

Needless to say, the listing agent used a request for an extension of the inspection period as the reason to put us in first position.

Due diligence became my middle name as I called 10 septic companies to see who could get it done soonest and best then called the company who did the initial septic inspection and put those two in contact so everyone knew everything.

Then, the buyer walked…

In a conversation with one of the best agents I know, he told me he recently had to tell a buyer’s agent “This is Bullsh*t. You tied up my property for a week and walked. If these are your practices then you will be known across this city in little time and it will come back to you.” And I realized that, at that moment, I looked just like the buyers agent he had said that too...

What now?

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