A Chance at Clinton Street

Just after I set out the snacks for guests of the Open House, I stepped out to the porch to wait for the first person and my phone rings- It's Marc!! We had met through his brother Richard, a fellow music lover, philosopher, a brewer with Cascade Brewing and bad ass MOFO.

"Hey Adolfo"

"Dude! Are you in Portland?"

Marc was there when I almost drowned 3 times trying to surf in San Diego with an advanced surf board. We could almost say he saved my life since he's the one who let me know that I had chosen an advanced surf board and traded me for a novice one...

"Yeah, what are you up to?

"I just started this open house"

"Yeah I saw it, it's gorgeous! I'm on my way there"


Some people have a way of making things work out smoothly- Marc is one of them. We had our first burning man experience together and it was truly an honor to welcome him to Portland, Oregon.

Congratulations brother!!!! I'll never surf without you by my side again!!

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