Communication is the most important factor in every transaction. My focus is on patience and articulation so that everyone is aware of where they are and what is to follow. thankfully, I work with people who I can be friends with for the rest of my life.




Harriet & Raymond Duron

My husband and I were looking for our first home, when we were recommended Adolfo. As soon as we sat down with him, we knew that we would get along famously. Adolfo was with us every step of the way. He helped us through the ups and downs for the real estate market, and showed us so many houses  that I think they've all blended together. The house he ended up finding for us was an off-market deal, and absolutely perfect. It was in a location that we never thought we would afford. He walked with us through everything in the closing process, and was incredibly knowledgable and helped us understand everything that was happening. Adolfo wasn't just our realtor, he has become our friend. We would recommend his services to anyone and everyone!

Portland, Or

Mark Iris

When we first started talking about properties, I had no idea what I was looking for. Adolfo really helped me understand what I wanted in a property. He made it clear from the beginning that he was driven to find the home that was the perfect fit for me. Always one step ahead, taking care of all  the communications, appointments, and business-side things, he made it so that I could just relax and enjoy the experience of house hunting and buying. Throughout the process, I felt like I had a real ally in my corner. Adolfo is enthusiastic, knowledgable and patient, but most of all, he's genuine and he really loves what he does. I couldn't have asked for a better agent. Thanks!

Portland, OR

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I created a 

Buyer's Guide

It explains the basic process of purchasing property in Oregon by splitting it up into 7 steps. 




Adolfo Cuellar
Adolfo Street Realty llc

My  grandmother and my uncle used to live together and their house burned down.  
So, they moved in with my mother; into the house I grew up in.  

Then, that house was lost to a short sale..

At this point, they had to move in with my aunt for a while.  
Until my brother-in-law, who was an appraiser at the time and is now a principal broker like me, used his knowledge to arrange an affordable house for them with an investor friend.

He helped two of the most important people in my life by finding them a place to live. So, this inspired me to learn about real estate so that I could, ideally, have as positive of an impact on other peoples' lives. 


Active in Oregon